Dưới đó là những mẫu câu có chứa trường đoản cú "approx.|approx", trong cỗ từ điển tự điển tiếng Anh. Bạn có thể tham khảo các mẫu câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với từ approx.|approx, hoặc tìm hiểu thêm ngữ cảnh thực hiện từ approx.|approx trong cỗ từ điển tự điển tiếng Anh

1. Cooperation focal points approx.

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2. Giphauthuatcatmimat.comng away five grams (approx.

3. Periodicals — — Chemical Abstracts – 1952 –1991 (Bound Vols.): Scientific và Technical Journals (Bound Vols): 2000 (approx) 18000 (approx)

4. Striped dungarees, £45 approx, Chipie.

5. Approx 25 g salt from reservoir.

6. Red gingham hat £20 approx, Chipie.

7. Approx. 600 m2 of warehouse space and approx.1.700 m2 of open-air storage had prephauthuatcatmimat.comously been available.

8. At approx 300 rpm, it charges approx 6 amps into my batteries (this is the limit of my hand drill!

9. In 1997 a new passenger terminal (capacity approx.

10. Accident frequency is approx. đôi mươi accidents/1 m h.

11. Indoor course are available for approx AS100 per hour.

12. Bibliographic information, indexing terms & abstracts (approx. 95 %) are searchable.

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13. 3.5 million m3 of crude oil storage capacity và approx.

14. Gingham dungarees, £ Benetton 0 Red gingham hat £20 approx, Chipie.

15. Maglev vehicles comprises a minimum of two sections , each with approx.

16. Ordinary buses (non-AC) between thủ đô bangkok thái lan and Khon Kaen charge approx.

17. Continue the titration until the meter reading is approx. + 100 mV.

18. 1,300 species Polypodiophyta (ferns) 4 sublasses, 11 orders, 21 families, approx.

19. The maximum deflection at the đứng top of the antenna amounts to lớn approx.

20. Advance ticket sales will begin on Wednesday, 1 September at approx.

21. Alopecia areata usually begins as a small patch about an inch (approx.

22. The rate of the success-solved cases on amiable way is approx.

23. Threshold voltage window is approx 17V, và this transistor has nondestructive readout characteristic.

24. PARTSLIFE addresses the task with an extensive network of certified disposal companies with approx.

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25. Opposite page: grey single-breasted pure New Wool suit, approx £4 by Hugo Boss.