At Odds Là Gì


A poor man"s something

Something or someone that can be compared to lớn something or someone else, but is not as good is a poor man"s version; a writer who uses lots of puns but isn"t very funny would be a poor man"s Oscar Wilde.

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about to do something

on the point of doing something She was about lớn leave when the phone rang.

bail someone or something out

help or rescue The government has decided to bail out the troubled bank.

balls something up

to make a mess of a situation

be fed up with (with someone or something)

be out of patience (with someone

be in two minds about something

unable lớn decide: "I"m in two minds about buying a new car."

be into something|be into|into

v. Phr., informal lớn have taken something up partly as a nobby, partly as a serious interest of sorts (basically resulting from the new consciousness & self-realization movement that originated in the late Sixties). Roger"s wife is into women"s liberation và women"s consciousness. Did you know that Syd is seriously into transcendental meditation? Jack found out that his teenage son is into pot smoking & gave him a serious scolding.

be up to lớn something|up|up to lớn something

v. Phr., informal 1. To lớn feel strong enough or knowledgeable enough lớn accomplish a certain task. Are you up to climbing all the way khổng lồ the 37th floor? Are we up to lớn meeting the delegation from Moscow và speaking Russian to them? 2. Tendency to bởi something mischievous. I"m afraid Jack is up khổng lồ one of his old tricks again.

beef about something

complain about something: "He"s always beefing about the pay."

beef something up

give something extra appeal: "If we beef up the window display, more people might come into the shop."

bend over backwards to bởi something

try very hard If I can, I will bend over backwards to help you get a promotion in the company.

best part of something

best part of something Nearly all of something, the majority, as in The dentist was late; I waited for the best part of an hour. The adjective best here does not concern unique but quantity. Also see better half, def. 1.

blow it (something)

fail at something I tried hard but I am sure that I blew the final math exam last week.

break someone of something

break someone of something
Cause lớn discontinue a habit or practice, as in Mom tried for years lớn break Betty of biting her nails. The Oxford English Dictionary cites a quotation from W. Wotton"s History of Rome (1701): “He ... Broke them of their warm Baths,” which presumably refers to lớn breaking Romans of their custom of bathing regularly. Today we are more apt khổng lồ break someone of a bad habit.

bring trang chủ the importance of something to lớn someone

make someone fully realize something He was unable khổng lồ bring home the importance of arriving early for the meeting.

bring something on

cause khổng lồ develop rapidly I don

brush up on something

review something one has already learned I

buy something

buy something
Believe something; accept as true or satisfactory. For example, You think he"s a millionaire? I just won"t buy that.

can"t make heads or tails of something

" can"t understand something at all;"

charge something to something|charge

v. 1. To lớn place the blame on; make responsible for. John failed lớn win a prize, but he charged it to lớn his lack of experience. The coach charged the loss of the trò chơi to the team"s disobeying his orders. 2. Lớn buy something on the credit of. Mrs. Smith bought a new pocketbook & charged it lớn her husband. Mr. White ordered a box of cigars and had it charged lớn his account.

check on someone|check|check on|check on something

v. To lớn try khổng lồ find out the truth or rightness of; make sure of; examine; inspect; investigate. We checked on Dan"s age by getting his birth record. Mrs. Brown said she heard someone downstairs và Mr. Brown went down to check up on it. You can kiểm tra on your answers at the back of the book. The police are checking up on the man khổng lồ see if he has a police record. Grandfather went khổng lồ have the doctor check on his health. Compare: LOOK INTO, LOOK OVER.

cut your teeth on something

where you learn to do something: "He"s the best man lớn run the company - he cut his teeth in the Production Department và ran it successfully for years."

dare one to vày something|dare

v. Phr. Lớn challenge someone to do something. "I dare you to jump off that rock into the sea," Fred said lớn Jack.

dead set against something

determined not to vày something They are dead mix against their son going to lớn Europe for a year.

do by someone or something|do by

v. To giảm giá khuyến mãi with; treat. Used with a qualifying adverb between "do" and "by". Andy"s employer always does very well by him.

do someone out of something|do

v., informal khổng lồ cause to chiến bại by trickery or cheating. The clerk in the store did me out of $2.00 by overcharging me.

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do something over

do something over
see vì chưng over.

do something rash

take drastic kích hoạt (usually without thinking) She is extremely angry so I hope that she doesn

fall back on something/someone

turn lớn for help when something else has failed She had lớn fall back on her father

fancy doing something|fancy

- An expression of surprise. Fancy meeting you here in such an unexpected place!

feel up to lớn (do something)

feel able (healthy enough or rested enough) to vì chưng something I don

feel up to something|feel|feel up

v. Phr., informal to feel adequately knowledgeable, strong, or equipped khổng lồ handle a given task. Vì chưng you feel up khổng lồ jogging a mile a day with me? Antonym: BE UP to lớn SOMETHING.

fill (something) in

write words needed in blanks Please fill in this form and give it khổng lồ the receptionist.

get (something) over with

finish, over He wants to lớn get his exams over with so that he can begin lớn relax again.

get a fix on something

receive a reading of a distant object by electronic means We were able to get a fix on the island and got the boat safely to lớn the harbor.

get a kick out of something

find something amusing.

get away with something

do something one shouldn

get hold of (something)

get possession of When you get hold of a dictionary could you please let me see it for a few minutes.

get on with (something)

continue to lớn do; make progress" Be quiet and get on with your homework."

get over something

overcome a difficulty, recover from an illness or shock She has been having a lot of trouble getting over her father

get rid of something

give or throw something away, sell or destroy something, make a cold or fever disappear I bought a new television phối so I had to lớn get rid of the old one.

get something into one"s head

get something into one"s head
see get into one"s head.

get something on someone

get something on someone
Also, have something on someone. Obtain or possess damaging knowledge about someone. For example, They hoped to lớn get something on the candidate, or Once Tom had something on his boss, he knew he would not be pressured again. Also see be on to.

get something out of

learn from, benefit from We always get something out of her class. We learn something.

get something out of one"s system|get|get out|syst

v. Phr. 1. Lớn eliminate some food item or drug from one"s body. John will feel much better once he gets the addictive sleeping pills out of his system. 2. To free oneself of yearning for something in order to liberate oneself from an unwanted preoccupation. Ted bought a new cabin cruiser that he"d been wanting for a long time, and he says he is glad that he"s finally got it out of his system.

get something under your belt

achieve something: "I"m really glad I passed the driving test. Now I"ve got that under my belt, I can relax for a little while."

get wise to lớn something/somebody

learn about something kept secret He finally got wise khổng lồ the fact that they were stealing his money.

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Get your head around something

If you get your head around something, you come to lớn understand it even though it is difficult khổng lồ comprehend.

give something a new lease of life

to renew something so that it lasts longer: "Those tablets have given our pet dog a new lease of life."

give something a whirl

give something a whirl Make a brief or experimental try, as in I"ve never made a pie but I"ll give it a whirl.

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