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The way khổng lồ harvest cereals 50 years ago was lớn use a binder, that cut the crop và tied it up in sheaves.

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a strip of material wrapped tightly around part of the body to firmly press or hold it in place, for example after surgery (= a medical operation):
a short document showing an agreement between a buyer and a seller, used for a short period while the complete document is being prepared:
A binder will give insurance coverage for a specified period of time until the actual insurance policy can be issued.
Inside ground-control stations, drone pilots sit with binders of checklists that guide them through every conceivable scenario.
There were a group of individuals there from various departments and agencies all carrying these binders black binders of protocols and classified procedures.
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to dress as & pretend lớn be a character from a film, TV programme, comic book etc., as a hobby

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