ANY gesture of goodwill can have a positive effect that ripples throughout a community. Helping any less fortunate than ourselves not only benefits the individual but is also known to boost one’s sense of purpose.

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Choosing to lớn identify and empathise with the powerless & helping khổng lồ improve people’s circumstances even just a little can inspire others to lớn follow. Care homes can often be overlooked, yet there are many that would welcome any support you could offer.

This is an environment where your input và time could make a substantial difference to lớn people who would really appreciate it…


121 Care at trang chủ Ltd was founded by Yvette Gilmour in September 2010, Yvette is the CEO and the only shareholder. Over the past 10 years 121 Care at home Ltd has grown from strength to lớn strength & is a well-known company in South Lanarkshire for the excellent care it provides.

121 Care at trang chủ Ltd have been providing care services for clients who wish to lớn continue living independently in their own homes. Through years of experience in the industry, Yvette and her team of professionals are passionate about providing the perfect care package, showing commitment lớn you & your family from the outset.


All clients are provided with their personalised care plan in tệp tin form for reference at all times. Yvette says “Our care system is managed at all levels khổng lồ deliver bespoke, tailored, caring lớn meet the needs of each individual client, ensuring improved unique of life, without having to resort to lớn moving khổng lồ sheltered accommodation or care home facility.” 121 Care at trang chủ Ltd work with local authorities such as South Lanarkshire Council providing care packages as well as providing care to private clients.

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Please be assured all our staff are friendly, are fully qualified in the principles and practices with the care industry & have all the regulatory background checks to lớn provide the safest và best possible care.


We invite prospective families to liên hệ us, let us help and guide you through our bespoke packages và also the Care Inspectorate approved Individual Service Fund. It couldn’t be simpler và takes the weight off your mind about funding at an already anxious time.

Visit our care supplies cửa hàng online by CLICKING HERE or visiting us at , 121 Care Supplies Ltd, located at 42 Thornton Road, Kirkmuirhill, South Lanarkshire, ML11 9QE - we sell everything from scooters to lớn slippers. 121 Care at Homes future plans are to create a second branch in Lanark. Yvette concludes “I am passionate about my business and families using our service. I have experienced both bad and good within the industry - I assure you, I am here lớn improve on the good”


Barchester Healthcare is one of the UK’s largest care providers supporting older people living independent lives with dignity and respect. A leading care provider over the last 25 years, Barchester services include residential care, nursing care and dementia care all tailored to suit each individual.

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Four Hills care trang chủ in Scotland provide a wide range of services for a variety of needs, from short breaks to lớn long term stays & have a strong links to their local community. 


Our team of highly-qualified và attentive staff are passionate about independence, dignity & choice for all residents within our care. Well-trained care staff focus on the individual needs of each resident, developing a bespoke care plan for each and every person. We employ motivated, attentive staff, who are committed khổng lồ excellent care & customer service.