Commentary Là Gì

a phối of written remarks on an event, book, or person that explains its subject or expresses an opinion on it:

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Commentaries are reports on events such as a public ceremony or a football match. They are usually spoken while the events are being viewed. We use both the present simple và the present continuous. The present simple is used to make the commentary sound more immediate: …
a series of remarks describing an event, esp. On radio or television, or a set of written notes explaining or expressing an opinion on a text or subject:
Viewers are quick to lớn criticize poor video unique or what they regard as subpar production or commentary.
This theme has received a full airing in truyền thông media commentary, congressional hearings, legal scholarship and lower court judicial opinions.
The article prompted a flurry of commentary about how devastating the sự kiện could be & if cities are prepared.
His commentary is flavored with profound insights on the world as well as humor that is meaningful và pointed.
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Instead, in-game prompts are used to lớn allow players to lớn activate a relevant audio commentary for a specific area.
We also provide a brief commentary on how variation has been addressed in a range of linguistic theories.

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The album was re-released in 2009 in a number of formats & featured 16 b-sides and rarities as well as a commentary track.