Twice a week the children are tested in basic mathematical skills such as addition (= calculating the total of different numbers put together) and subtraction.

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All employees receive paid holiday và sick leave. In addition, we offer a range of benefits for new parents.

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the joining of something lớn something else to lớn make it larger or more important, or the person or thing that joins something:
an addition lớn sth The company provides a compensation package which amounts khổng lồ an addition to the employee"s salary.
In addition, there were other papers on designing economic plans, capital accumulation, và foreign examples of economic development plans, translated by the bank.
There is also a witnesses" room with separate access khổng lồ the court - a last-minute addition khổng lồ the plans, primarily intended for women.
Thus, for an intensive cropping system, external sources of decomposed organic matter addition would be a better option.
Addition of minocycline lớn cultures reduced but did not completely inhibit activation of this pathway.
In addition to the reverberant field và low-pass filtering of the source, the sound-object"s image kích thước has been reduced.
This trend was never observed in the data, và addition of a bipolar cell coupling parameter to lớn the equations reinforced this a priori notion.
In addition, children và non-citizens are represented in a democracy even though they bởi vì not have the right khổng lồ vote.
In addition, many of the primitive parsers can be simplified by assuming that the functions representing parsers & the functions representing success continuations are curried.
In addition, the dielectric constant in the pore region should be set to 1 where the water molecules are represented explicitly (but see discussion below).
In addition, 5 participants died, 5 participants reported being too ill to participate, và 3 were lost due lớn relocation or other reasons.
In addition, the pheromone trail of all paths is decreased by some constant factor at the end of an iteration to lớn build solutions.