Industry là gì

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Industry (Econ) Ngành công nghiệp.

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+ Một ngành trong độ lớn CƠ CẤU THỊ TRƯỜNG CẠNH TRANH HOÀN HẢO hoàn toàn có thể được quan niệm là một vài lớn doanh nghiệp tuyên chiến và cạnh tranh với nhau trong bài toán sản xuất MỘT SẢN PHẨM ĐỒNG NHẤT.
industry công nghiệp, lĩnh vực công nghiệp
ngành công nghiệpbrewing industry: ngành công nghiệp rượu biaclay industry: ngành công nghiệp khu đất sétcryogenic industry: ngành công nghiệp cryoelectric power nguồn industry: ngành công nghiệp năng lượng điện lựcglazing industry: ngành công nghiệp thủy tinhkey industry: ngành công nghiệp thiết yếu yếumaritime industry: ngành công nghiệp biểnmilling industry: ngành công nghiệp xay sátoil industry: ngành công nghiệp dầu mỏpetroleum industry: ngành công nghiệp dầu mỏpublishing industry: ngành công nghiệp xuất bảntextile industry: ngành công nghiệp dệtngành kinh doanh / công nghiệpGiải đam mê EN: A particular business enterprise, or business activity in general.??.Giải say mê VN: Một xí nghiệp kinh doanh nói riêng tốt một chuyển động kinh doanh nói chung.Lĩnh vực: điệncông nghệceramic industry: technology đồ gốmdata processing industry: công nghệ tin họcelectric power industry: công nghệ sản xuất năng lượng điện năngprocess industry: quá trình công nghệsoftware industry: công nghệ phần mềmtelephone industry: công nghệ điện thoạiDepartment of trade và industry (UK) (DTI)Bộ thương mại dịch vụ và Công nghiệp (Anh)Satellite industry association (SIA)hiệp hội công nghiệp vệ tinh o công nghiệp § mining industry : công nghiệp khai khoáng § petroleum industry : công nghiệp dầu mỏ § process industry : quy trình công nghệ § processing industry : công nghiệp chế biến

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): industrialist, industrialization, industry, industrial, industrialized, industrious, industrially, industriously





Từ điển Collocation

industry noun

ADJ. thriving | important, key, major | (fastest) growing | declining | modern | traditional | cottage Weaving and knitting are traditional cottage industries. | domestic, international, local, national | private, privatized | government-owned, nationalized, state-run | heavy | light | strategic strategic industries such as the extraction of oil và natural gas | manufacturing, service the shift away from manufacturing lớn service industry | labour-intensive | high-tech/high-technology | building, construction | engineering | shipbuilding | chemical, coal, electricity, energy, gas, mining, nuclear, oil, petrochemical | agricultural, fishing, food, timber | pharmaceutical | automobile, automotive, car, motor | computer, electronics | textiles | advertising | insurance | entertainment, film, music/record | catering, hospitality, hotel, leisure, tourist

VERB + INDUSTRY assist, develop, encourage, help, stimulate The government decided to lớn encourage industries based on biotechnology. Government measures to lớn stimulate new industry | run down Running down the nuclear industry will result in heavy job losses. | damage They claim that a commercial port would damage the local tourist industry. | cripple, destroy, ruin | nationalize | privatize | regulate | protect trade barriers erected to lớn protect domestic industry | subsidize The state"s timber industry is heavily subsidized. | interfere in/with The government has interfered in industry, with disastrous results, by attempting khổng lồ alter economic trends. | be involved in/with More than 140,000 people are directly involved in the industry. | enter, go into students training to lớn enter the catering industry She decided khổng lồ leave teaching và go into industry.

INDUSTRY + VERB develop, grow up, spring up In the favourable economic environment, new light industries are constantly springing up. | boom, expand, grow The tourist industry is still expanding rapidly. | decline, shrink | close down, disappear When the railway disappeared, other industries associated with it closed down. | compete | produce sth

INDUSTRY + NOUN leader | standard They hope that the disk drive will become an industry standard.

PREP. in/within ~ In the computer industry, change comes about very rapidly.

PHRASES a captain of industry, commerce and industry The banks lend money lớn commerce & industry. | regulation of (an) industry proposals for regulation of the water industry | the revival of (an) industry the revival of the British film industry | a sector of industry, trade & industry the Department of Trade & Industry

Từ điển WordNet


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the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise

each industry has its own trade publications

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

产业|行业产业,行业The category describing a company"s primary business activity. This category is usually determined by the largest portion of revenue.

Investopedia Financial Terms

A classification that refers to lớn a group of companies thatare related in terms of their primary business activities. In modern economies, there aredozens of different industry classifications, which are typically grouped into larger categories called sectors. Individual companies are generally classified into industries based on their largest sources of revenue. For example, an automobile manufacturer might have a small financing division that contributes 10% to overall revenues, but the company will still be universally classified as an tự động maker for attribution purposes.

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Industries are often studied by investors & economists to lớn better understand the factors và limitations lớn corporate profit growth. Companies operating in the same industry can also be compared to lớn each other to lớn evaluate the relative attractiveness of a company within that industry. Stocks within the same industry often rise & fall as a group because the same overlying factors exist for all members. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)(developed by the United States, Canada and Mexico) is widely used by investors to classify companies. In the NAICS hierarchy, companies that use similar production processes arecategorized in the same industry.
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