Intercept Là Gì

to stop & catch something or someone before that thing or person is able lớn reach a particular place:

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to stop or catch something or someone that is on the way from one place to another so that it does not reach the intended place:
Efficiency was therefore conserved, lớn a degree, while canopies reduced the solar energy they intercepted.
Effect sizes can be estimated based on the estimated standard deviations of the trajectory intercepts.
Although no intercepts appear in any of these expressions, the analysis is invariant to reinterpreting the variables as deviations from target values.
The remaining light fog events were completely intercepted by the tree foliage before the water could reach the ground.
The radiation intercepted by green tissue at this time is severely reduced by the layer of flowers, which absorb và reflect radiation.
Canopies in other years were sufficiently large to have intercepted more than 0.8 of incident light during this phase.
The c anopies o f these clones were assessed i n ter ms of their leaf area index và the fraction of incident radiation intercepted.
Of these, 673 were caught, & 70 returned, of which 10 (70 0.145) should have been intercepted leaving the ring.
Because of the nature of the probability distributions of calibrated dates, interpretations should be based on ranges & modes, not calibration-curve intercepts.

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