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A few people were milling about on the dark sidewalk outside the shop, but the cửa hàng itself was empty.
Thus, we may find ourselves having walked miles of city sidewalks or wooded paths almost blindly while engrossed in deep conversation with a friend.
The unset strand removes the phối strand of the right foot, và then another phối strand fastens it khổng lồ a new position on the sidewalk.
A patch of sidewalk briefly turns slippery even though it is dry and clean - causing the man running away with a stolen briefcase khổng lồ slip.
Initially, no consensus existed regarding the provision of streets, sidewalks, water connections & sewers.
The hour bus trip transforms them from a world of noise & crowded cement sidewalks into a world of green grass, forests, và lakes.
The drawing shows how the right leg of the walker is freed from the sidewalk, và then it is tied down to a new position.
Fewer people would be getting in each other"s way when trying to vị something easy lượt thích walk down the sidewalk.
The left leg is then freed from the sidewalk, and is tied down lớn the position originally occupied by the right leg.
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the way in which a doctor treats people who are ill, especially showing kind, friendly, and understanding behaviour

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