Strengthen Là Gì

The rise in U.S. Interest rates caused the dollar to lớn strengthen (= increase in value) against all the Asian currencies.

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A discussion paper aiming to lớn strengthen the EU"s competition regime has been circulated amongst commissioners.
Research and development expenses amounted khổng lồ €76m in the first six months, reflecting the company"s desire lớn further strengthen its technological leadership.

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strengthen your position/performance/control thiết bị di động operators need khổng lồ strengthen their control over revenue và profit.
strengthen laws/regulations/mechanisms The Oil Conservation Division is in the process of trying to lớn strengthen regulations over oil waste pits.
if the financial position of a company, economy, etc. Strengthens, or if something strengthens it, it improves:
Proceeds of the sale will be used to lớn pay off existing debt in order lớn strengthen the balance sheet.

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be strengthened (by sth) Their market position has been strengthened by the purchase of their main US rival.
if a currency strengthens, or if something strengthens it, it increases in value compared to lớn other currencies:
Pay attention khổng lồ money habits và work to strengthen those that help your finances, & break those that hurt your finances.
Will not the best solution to lớn strengthen the state apparatus, it would be reasonable for a person to lớn choose the practical option over no option.
Not only are they attesting khổng lồ their organizations" adherence to sound standards, they are helping khổng lồ increase donor confidence & strengthen public trust in giving.
It takes a while for the memory lớn become strengthened anew, through a process called reconsolidation.
A decade ago, the government began trying khổng lồ rein in money laundering, và since then it has amended criminal laws & strengthened commercial banking rules.
They provide inspiration và enjoyment lớn residents, beautify shared public spaces, and strengthen the social fabric of our communities.
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stories written about TV, film, or book characters by their fans (= people who admire them)

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