Synergy Là Gì

the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately:

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the combined power, profits, etc. That can be achieved by two organizations or groups of people working together rather than separately:
create/deliver/generate synergy The merger will help the manufacturing company achieve synergies that will allow it khổng lồ remain competitive.

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synergy benefits/savings/targets The synergy savings of €275m targeted by the merger look modest compared with the inherited costs of the project.

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annual/cost/financial synergies The khuyến mãi would create enhanced value for shareholders through the delivery of $500m of annual synergies.
However, the possible synergy between this và the epistemological and political challenges from other people, is not being studied.
In what kind of areas are we more likely to lớn witness synergies between regulatory policy và market forces?
The closing working session helped to elaborate on the issues surrounding the synergy of the three areas.
Together the three dimensions produced a diplomatic synergy that both complicated, và ultimately accommodated a diplomatic solution.
We are exploring the use of fuzzy data mining & concepts introduced by the semantic web to operate in synergy khổng lồ perform distributed intrusion detection.
Secondly, the impact of regulation can be amplified by competitive forces when there are synergies between regulatory and market pressures.
The synergy of demanding practical applications and theoretical advances has driven tremendous progress in intelligent agents research và development in a remarkably short time.