Take The Initiative Là Gì

danh từ bước đầu, sự khởi đầu, sự khởi xướngto take the initiative in something: đứng vị trí số 1 trong vấn đề gì, có tác dụng đầu tàu trong bài toán gì; khởi xướng việc gìto have the initiative: có khả năng dẫn đầu; có quyền dẫn đầu sáng sủa kiến, óc sáng sủa kiến (quân sự) cầm cố chủ độngto hold the initiative: cầm cố thế nhà động quyền đề xướng chế độ lệ của bạn công dân (Thuỵ sĩ...)Lĩnh vực: điện

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 sáng con kiến

Từ điển siêng ngành Thể thao: Điền kinh


Sự công ty động, sáng kiến


Từ điển Collocation

initiative noun

1 new plan

ADJ.Bạn sẽ xem: Take the initiative là gì

fresh, new fresh initiatives to find a peaceful end to the conflict | pioneering pioneering initiatives in bioengineering | current, latest, recent | important, major | welcome | successful | practical | exciting | private | co-operative, joint | international, local, national, regional | government | business, diplomatic, economic, education/educational, environmental, marketing, peace, policy, political, research, training

QUANT. range, series

VERB + INITIATIVE undertake The research initiative is being undertaken by a group of environmentalists. | plan | develop | announce | introduce, launch, mix up, start The government has launched a new policy initiative. | be/become involved in Ten schools have been involved in the initiative. | lead | approve | reject The peace initiative was rejected out of hand. | sponsor a peace initiative sponsored by the Organization of African Unity | endorse, tư vấn The committee endorsed an initiative by the chairman to enter discussion about a possible merger. | welcome We welcome the government"s initiative to help the homeless. | praise | encourage

INITIATIVE + VERB be aimed at sth, be designed to lớn a local initiative aimed at economic regeneration an initiative designed khổng lồ promote collaborative research | involve sth, relate lớn sth | founder The initiative foundered because there was no market interest in redevelopment.

PREP. ~ against a new initiative against car theft | ~ by the latest initiative by the UN Secretary General | ~ for an initiative for peace and human rights | ~ on the government"s major new initiative on crime > Special page at BUSINESS

2 ability khổng lồ decide/act independently

ADJ. considerable, great, real | individual, personal, private It is a very hierarchical company and there"s little place for individual initiative. | entrepreneurial

Don"t ask me what you should vị all the time.

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Use your initiative! | lack | encourage, promote | stifle Raising taxes on small businesses will stifle initiative.

PREP. on sb"s ~ The project was mix up on the initiative of a local landowner. | ~ in Some scientists show little initiative in applying their knowledge.

PHRASES a lack of initiative, on your own initiative In an unprecedented action, the army, on its own initiative, arrested seven civilians.

3 the initiative: opportunity to lớn gain an advantage

VERB + INITIATIVE have, hold After their latest setback, the rebel forces no longer hold the initiative. | gain, seize, take | regain In the second half, Manchester United regained the initiative. | thua trận

INITIATIVE + VERB comes from sb/sth, lie with sb The initiative khổng lồ re-open negotiations came from Moscow.

PREP. ~ in She took the initiative in asking the board lớn conduct an enquiry.

Từ điển WordNet


readiness to embark on bold new ventures; enterprise, enterprisingness, go-aheadthe first of a series of actions; first step, opening move, opening


serving to set in motion; inaugural, initiatory, first, maiden

the magazine"s inaugural issue