Why is it important to learn english?


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Congratulation!If you click this article, it already shows that you’re interested in improvingyour English and I’m here khổng lồ give you some good tips! Now let’s move lớn thenext step.

First,we need to know why learning English is important so that it gives youmotivation khổng lồ keep on learning và never give up. We already know that Englishis the language for international communication. But you may ask yourself,still what can I vày with it? My answer will be: everything. By knowing that English is the language forinternational communication means you will increase your chance in everything through learning English, fromeducation, career, entertainment, to your relationship with others. I willexplain them one by one.

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1. Education

By learningEnglish you will increase your chance in continuing your education abroad. Mostof scholarships offered will require minimum 6 or 6.5 score for IELTS orsimilar with any other English Proficiency Test. You also can have access tomore reputable papers và sources which mostly written in English.

2. Career

From increasingyour education of course it’ll increase your chance in developing your careeras well. English is also the language of business. So if you plan lớn enter aglobal workforce, learning English will surely be beneficial for you. It alsocan open many more future opportunities in your career path.

3. Entertainment

World’s topmusic, books, films are published & produced in English. “But we havesubtitles, và translated books!” – you argue. Yes, but doesn’t it more fun ifwe can understand it in their original language? Also vì you recognize the recentlyfamous Indonesian Series – Layangan Putus use English in most of theirdialogues? It seems that Indonesian entertainment will arguably be morecomfortable in using English from now on.

4. Relationshipwith others

By learningEnglish you will have chance to lớn broaden your friendship with foreign people. Itwill give you some sort of confidence to begin conversation with other people aroundthe world, example when you travel abroad.

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‘Okay, so after we know the benefits, nowhow can I improve my English quickly?’ – you may ask.

I got four practicaltips to nội dung on how to improve your English quickly and in fun ways:

1. Watchmovies with English subtitles or no subtitles

If you lovemovies, this is a great way lớn improve your English fast. Start using Englishsubtitle when you watch a movie or series. It’ll increase your listening và readingskill in entertaining way. When you feel lượt thích you’re ready lớn step up, stop usingsubtitles at all.

2. Readbooks, papers, newspaper in English

By reading inEnglish, you will get used with the structures và the grammar. The more youread English writings, the more it will stuck in your brain.

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3. Listento English music

Another way tolearning English in entertaining way is through music. You can try lớn listen ona song and guess what it says in the lyric. It will increase your listeningskill.

4. Find anEnglish Speaking community

The fastest wayto speak English is by practicing. The more you get used with the language, thefaster you will improve. So, you need a partner or people to speak Englishwith. That’s why English speaking community is so important because it willgather all the people who giới thiệu the same interest which is improving theirEnglish. Now let’s try khổng lồ find the nearest English community around you!

So,that’s all about the importance of learning English and tips I got for you.Keep on learning and never give up! Good luck!