What Do You Think Of That?

I was wondering whether the two phrases "How vì chưng you like..." và "What bởi vì you think of..." mean the same in the following examples. If the don"t, then please kindly explain their nuances khổng lồ me:

1- How do you like him? --- What vị you think of him? 2- How vày you like this plain shirt? --- What do you think of this plain shirt? 3- How do you like going khổng lồ the movies tonight? --- What vì you think of going khổng lồ the movies tonight?

I think they exactly mean the same thing, and can be utilized khổng lồ ask listener"s opinion about someone, something or doing something. Please correct if I"m mistaken.

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In addition to lớn that, I have my doubts if both structures can be used with asking someone"s opinion about "someone else" or "something" or "doing something"!Please do me a favor & elaborate on them.Thank you in advance.

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asked Nov 9, 2020 at 17:56

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The only one of these that I think is incorrect is:

"How vày you like going khổng lồ the movies tonight?"

That one is asking about an event in the future và while a native speaker would probably understand your meaning, no native speaker would say it this way.

Your alternative, "What do you think of going to the movies tonight?" is a much better option.

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As far as the other two, they are essentially the same since you are asking the question about something that can be evaluated currently. So it"s acceptable to lớn ask either "do you like?" or "what do you think of?" interchangeably.

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answered Nov 9, 2020 at 20:29

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They can be the same when describing an action, one fits better than the other but they are the same in that way. But they can vary when describing an object, here"s how they vary object-wise. (I tried my best when describing them.)

"How bởi vì you like..." is used khổng lồ ask someone how they enjoy something or in which way something is prepared or what size it is in. In a conversation, it"ll probably go something like this...

"How bởi vì you lượt thích your eggs, Name ?" Name answers, "I lượt thích them scrambled or over-easy." (Another example is, "How vị you lượt thích your T-shirts, Name?" Name responds, "I like them cotton, not polyester.")

"What vày you think of..." is used to lớn describe your feeling toward a thing. The conversation in which that is used will probably go lượt thích this...

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"What vì chưng you think of eggs, Person?" Person says, "I think eggs are gross, the flavor isn"t good to lớn me." (Another example is, " What vì chưng you think of T-shirts, Person?" Person explains, "I think that T-shirts are great, it just depends on the design, material, và time of year.")

Basically, material-wise, "How vị you like..." is used to ask someone in what form vì chưng they enjoy something in or how they enjoy it. "What vì you think of..." is asking their opinion of that said item.