Write a letter to your friend to tell about means of transportation in dịch


write a letter khổng lồ a friend . Tell him/ her about a place you have visited recently.

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Refer :

Dear ___,

I’m writing this letter to tell you that I"ve just returned from a trip to Ha Long bay with my family. The sight was extremely magnificent.

It took us five or six hours by oto to get there from Ha Noi. We spent more than a week there.

The weather was perfect. It was sunny, cool và windy. We enjoyed walking along the seaside at night very much.

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It was really interesting when we knew about the legenda of Ha Long Bay. We really want to come back there when we have time next year.

How are you getting with your study at home? Where are you going for your holiday? Let me know.

Love you,

Your best friend, _____

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you are Lan. Imagine you have to lớn returned from a trip to somewhere in viet phái nam or in another country. Write a letter to lớn your best friend khổng lồ tell him or her about place

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Imagine you were a tourist in a certain part in Viet phái mạnh recently. Write a letter lớn a friend to tell him/ her about your trip.

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Dear Name ( Eg: Maria Ozawa)

How are you? As you know, last week I travelled to lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố by plane with my parents. Before I arrived there, I had seen Ho chi Minh thành phố on Internet. I think it"s the most exciting, amazing place I"ve seen before. When I arrived, the sky changed into đen with fewer stars than my city. But it was bright without stars. Bởi vì you know why ? Of course that"s the light from the lights. The next day, I went khổng lồ Duc bố Cathedral which is the symbol of Ho chi Minh city & it was constructed by French.Actually, it wasn"t the only that I met. But I think I should tell you some place where is really well-known. Oh, I also had a great moments in Ben Thanh market. Although I hadn"t known anything about that, when I arrrived at Ben Thanh market, I think it"s quite attractive. The days after I only prepared lớn come back.And I think it"s the experiment that I had after the trip.